Concept Mapping

24 Mar

Concept mapping is a method of showing information and relationships visually through the use of graphics.  Concept mapping can be used to solve problems, share knowledge, in educational settings, to explain a process, to track information and to plan.  There are four major kinds of concept maps:

1.     Spider Concept Map

In this design, the main focus is the center of the map and subthemes point outward away from the center of the map.

2.     Hierarchy Concept Map

Items are presented in order of importance with the most important being located at the top of the chart

3.     Concept Map

Ideas are presented in a linear format.

4.     Systems Concept Map

This map is design similarly to a flowchart

There are additional special concept formats including Picture Landscape Concept Map, Multidimensional/3D Concept Map, Mandala Concept Map, Fishbone Concept Map, Storyboard Concept Map and Venn Diagrams.  (Wikipedia)

Concept mapping is a very useful tool in visual learning.  When combining instruction with visual examples, the chances for retaining and understanding information greatly increase.  Also good for brainstorming, concept mapping allows for experimentation with different thoughts by moving them around within the chart and opening up different ways of seeing something.  (

There are several different tools for concept mapping including

For my concept map, I used which offers a free 30 day trial.  This was a very user friendly program that offers different types of templates depending on which type of map you would like to use.  They also offer different graphics that you can insert text inside of.  (Inspiration)

Learning about concept mapping helped me to look at the way that I will approach my blog and assignments going forward.  I wish I had learned about a long time ago as I feel this will be a very useful tool in many other classes.


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2 responses to “Concept Mapping

  1. pendalhaven

    March 25, 2012 at 10:22 am

    Nice blog Jess, easy to read, flows nicely Nicely placed graphics. I enjoyed this blog more than most. My only suggestion would be to rearrange that last graphic to be more of a blender or a funnel than it is. The arrows pointing outward (to my eye) imply taking those things out, as opposed to making them part of what you’re putting into your blog. Maybe if you had them pointing inward, as if adding ingredients to the cookie dough?????

    Scott G.

  2. kerrygaines

    March 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    I really liked your blog. I found it very interesting to read.

    Kerry G.


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